Thursday, 19 December 2013

Clabburn Prendergast House Kinross Street off Bolton Street Wellington about 1926.

Just discovered this great album on eBay recently. 

It shows a house and the Clabburn family  - the house was in Kinross Street - just off Bolton Street in Wellington, New Zealand. 

The house was built about 1869 for Sir James Prendergast, (he moved to Wellington in 1867) Chief Justice of New Zealand, he died in 27 Feb. 1921, then at a later date about 1925 to 1938, it was owned by the Clabburn family. It was demolished about 1939.

The Clabburn family came out from Norwich and lived in Karori, at Kinross Street, and then Kelburn.

Photos in the album:
1. Claire Clabburn nee Hitchcock outside house at 8 Kinross Street, Wellington c. 1926 b. 9 jul 1882 married 9 feb 1910 d. 10 feb 1966 so 44 in this photo
2. Front gate to driveway to 8 Kinross Street,
3. Steps up to house
4. path up to house
5. Driveway to house
6. House at 8 Kinross Street
7. Claire Clabburn with Penelope (or Nell) outside house 1926 Nell about 1 years old
8. Two women and a girl oustside 8 Kinross St 2 are in photo 12 too.

9. Charles Edward Stuart Clabburn with adopted daughter Nell

10. Charles Edward Stuart Clabburn with adopted daughter Nell

11. House at 8 Kinross Street

12. House at 8 Kinross Street
13. L to R: Coral (6), or Charles, (36) Heather (8) , Nell (1.5), Claire Clabburn (35,) Garth (10), Marjorie (12)
14. View from yard at 8 Kinross Street
15. View over Wellington looking east to Mt Victoria, Kirkaldies Department store in centre
16. View over Wellington looking North – Lambton Quay to right
17. Family wedding photo c.1936 –. Charles and Claire to left.  Others yet to be identified 

Notes on photos:

1 Probably wearing paisley scarves sold by her husband – the embroidered dress looks amazing too. Huge rock of a ring on her wedding finger, strings of pearls, long manicured nails. Her white collar has beads sewn around the edge and small badges or medallions around the edge as well

7 & 9 Nell is wearing a silver brooch, upside down, spelling out “NELL”. The photo has not been developed evenly – amateurishly done?

13. Charles and Clara holding Nell but others unknown – nieces and nephews? From death notices they only had one daughter Nell. . Possibly: children of Walter Lionel Clabburn (1889-1951) emigrated to Australia in 1910 and married Marjorie ("Madge") Camplin Sommerville (1890-1977) (37). They had five children, Marjorie b 1915 (12), Garth b 1917 (10), Heather b 1919 (8), Coral b 1921 (6) Marcus Keith b 1921 . and their descendants include members of the Plowman, Bartlam, Shorter, Rothacker, Harnett, Clabburn, de la Cruz, Bailey, Johnstone, Thornton, Wilkinson, Marsh, Bateman, Adams and Noack families, who are mainly located in Australia. (ages in 1927 in ( ))