Friday, 19 September 2008

CDV Album Cover

Front cover in leather and brass and clasps - one is missing. 22 x 16 cm.


dawn-in-nz said...

WOW Tim, I'd have given my right arm AND my eye teeth to have found such a wonderful album. What a once in a lifetime find, I don't think you'll ever top that one. Fantastic.....Dawn

Tim Edwards said...

Thanks Dawn - I was blown away when I got it too. It should really be in an Australian Museum somewhere.

I am still doing the research - there are quite a few published books on this family and a suburb in Melbourne named after them.

I am still working on the connection between the Australian people and the New Zealand ones.(If there is one!)

John C said...


I am a descendant of Georgiana Huntly McCrae and would appreciate you making contact with me in regards to the wonderful album in your possession.

With kind regards

John Cowper