Friday, 19 September 2008

Starting Out

Just saw Photo-Sleuth and felt inspired to post up some of my collection of old, mainly New Zealand, photos. (I also realised that I am probably bidding against him on TradeMe and Ebay!)

I have found from my genealogy researches that if you post up what you know that people, sometimes, years later, see it and contact you with more and more information.

I have been working on an old New Zealand CDV album that is rare in that almost every one of the photos is identified! There are about 50 small CDV photos.

Here is a listing of what I have been able to glean off of the cards:

New Zealand Photo Album Mccraes Dunedin, Scotland, Shetland Islands, Melbourne c. 1870

Notes on cards

CDV photos (all numbered left to right - two cards per side.)

1. 1 Mrs Cole, Brighton, Melbourne 1 [c.1865]
1.2 Small photo glued in. Mrs A McCrae [c.1865]
1.3 The late Mr Cole. On rear: Mr G K[?] Cole [taken?]

21st Aug 1865 born 31st Oct 1848 Died 5th Aug 1866 2

2.1 Mrs A H [could be W] McCrae from a picture. Rear: portrait of myself May 1824.[probably owner of this album 2.1 & 2.2 are prob husband and wife]3

2.2 Mr McCrae Rear: Alex? Gordon McCrae born St Andrews Jan[?] 1836 4

3.1 Mrs McCrae married Rear: Octavin[?] Frances G McCrae born 20th June 1847 [dau. of album owner?]5

3.2 Mrs McCrae married Rear: M G McCrae born 25th June 1844 [dau. of album owner?]

4.1 Mrs A McCrae rear blank [Possibly owner of album c. 1864]

4.2 Mr Geo. McCrae married Rear: George Gordon McCrae from Royal oak Day [born?]1833, [George Gordon McCrae born 29 May 1833 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland died 16 Aug 1927 Anchorfield, Hawthorne, Victoria, Australia. Married Augustus Helen Brown 1871 in Australia - from IGI]6.

5.1 Mr McCrae rear: Farquhar P. G. McCrae born 7th Sept. 1838 [Farquhar Peregrine R. McCrae born 1838 Australia died 1915 m. Emily Aphrasia Brown - 13 Mar 1865 Castlemaine, Vict.,Aust., b. 7 Sept 1838 Milton Glasgow, Lanark., died 1915 Aust; his parents are Andrew McCrae and Georgia Huntly - IGI]7

5.2 Mrs Robert Lalelly's McCrae Rear: Lucia Georgina McCrae married 10th June 1862 Robert Hynduean [Hyndeman?]

6.1 Mr A McCrae's grandson Master _____ Rear: Robert Gordon Hynduean son of Robert J Lucy Hyndeuan [taken] 1864 "for Mr Irvine" [poss. boy's grandfather]8

6.2 Mrs Caddele India Mrs Amy McCrae. rear: In. [India] G McCrae [taken] 1869 9

7.1 The Late Mrs Captain McCrae rear: taken from a glass picture ? in 1858 Jr [?] E M[?] Gralium

7.2 The Late Captain McCrae rear: ryeched neg[?] Cap McCrae (Club) 10

8.1 rear: Farquhar M Cole [taken?] July 30 1874 11

8.2 12

9.1 13

9.2 14 ???CB

10.1 Mrs George McCrae Rear: Augusta Helen Brown Rear: 1871 McCrae [born 1851 Launceston, Tas. Aust. died 30 Apr 1923 Hawthorn, Vict - IGI -see photo 4.1 for husband]15

10.2 Mr George McCrae Rear: George Gordon McCrae 16 [c.1860?]

11.1 The late J B Leisk, Leith. [see 25.1]17

11.2 Mrs J B Leisk [see 25.1]18

12.1 blank on rear

12.2. The late Dr Alex H blank on rear

13.1 Mr Henry Brewer Solicitor Rear: Henry Clayton Brewer Esq. 19 20[son of Clayton Brewer - see family tree attached]

13.2. 21

14.1 22

14.2 23

15.1 24

15.2 25 c.1870?

16 ?

17 ?

18.1 Mrs Margaret Irvine rear: Maggie Irvine 26 [1864-7]

18.2 My Mother the late Mrs William Irvine, Lerwick [Shetland Is.] 27

19.1 My mother in law Mrs Thomas Leisk L [Lerwick?]

19.2 My son Mr William McCrae

20.1 Mrs MacGowan Rear: with Kind Love 4th Feb 187528

20.2 Mrs MacGowan 29

21.1 Mr Alfred Boot? 30

21.2 Mrs Alfred Boot 31

22.2 Doctor Robert Cowie - 32 [born Dundee 1841 d. Dunedin 1909 m. Christina nee Robertson]

23.1 Mrs Josiah White 33

23.2 Mr Josiah White 34

24.1 James William Drever aged 4 years 5 months 12th Dec 1871 [born May 1867]35

24.2 Master T Drever Rear: Thomas Ian Drever aged 2 years& 10 months 12 Dec 1871 [born feb 1869]36

25.1 The late Mrs Robert Leisk & her grandchildren [Robert Leisk b. 1834 Only Mate Merchant Serv. (Seaman) widowed at 1881 census on board "Vildozola SS" North Shields Northumberland IGI][refers to 24.1, 24.2 & 25.2]

25.2 Ms B Drever (crossed out) on rear: Margaret Lizzie Gertrude Drever age 6 years & 9 months 12 Dec 1871 [born Mar 1865]37

26.1 Mrs Guthrie - 38.

26.2 Walter Guthrie Esq. 39

27.1 note only Mr John Mcdonagale Stuart The Australin Explorer.

I have notes on the photographers for each card too which I need to tidy up and post here too.

Also need to scan the photos and backs.


Brett Payne said...

Nice to meet you, Tim, and thanks for your kind comment on my site. I look forward to following your series of photo postings too, and will do my best to add informatyion as and when I can. As for the TradeMe and eBay listings, the prices are a little out of my reach, so I will leave them to you. Best of luck.

Regards and best wishes, Brett

Brett Payne said...

The album is indeed an unusual and very interesting find. You have a lot of information there and, with the right resources, should be able to build up a great picture of the album's owner, their extended family, and life. Regards, Brett

Michelle The Gorgeous said...

Hi Tim, Just wondering if you still have the album and photos and if so would you consider selling them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

Regarding your McCrae album/photos, where did you acquire them? I would have thought they should be in the possession of the National Archives of Australia. I think even the National Archives of Scotland would be interested. What does CDV mean?

Chris Duff - Canada