Monday, 29 September 2008

Clearing out photos

I am clearing out some older photos, but not old enough for me!, I am putting movie memorabilia onto eBay including Paul Newman's original publicity photos, I have listed some from "The Drowning Pool" - where the song "softly killing me with your song" came from. apparently.

Also from "Cool Hand Luke" and "Winning."

Lots more to go, also have heaps of New Zealand Aircraft photos to clear out - from the "Wings" magazine archives. I have some regulars who buy these as well as putting some on the local Trademe auction. I am keeping a lovely old photo of the Vogel 1 aeroplane made by Wellington photographer Arthur Schaef.

I also have an eBay guide on how to identify different types of photographs. Let me know if this is useful and if I can improve it.

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