Friday, 3 October 2008

Collis, William Andrews CDV New Plymouth 1875-1891

Just got these in the mail today. They are both CDV's by William Andrews Collis of New Plymouth who was active about 1875-1891 - see Auckland City Library - Photographers Databases

The view of an early township is the earlier image as can be seen from it's squarer shape and very simple stamped label to the rear. The portrait of a Maori woman is later with a more elaborate, label by ""Herald" Lith. Auckland N.Z."

The card also has rounded corners in keeping with later CDVs.

I have searched through lots of images in the Alexander Turnbull Library - mostly the towns around New Plymouth but have not been able to identify this one - Can anyone help? It is from a high point - a water tower? a lookout? a ship's mast or a tree?

A nice image of a Maori woman - probably from the Taranaki area from Photographer's location and quick look through Collis's other photos in area she is wearing a very similar Piupiu type cloak or dress. She has a moko to her chin (tattoo) and a scarf? around her neck. It would be nice to ID her but I realise this is a long shot!

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