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McCrae album page 2

Thanks Jeff Payne for pointing me in the right direction: this is Georgiana Huntly McCrae see for a colour version. see for a biography. Georgiana was a very good miniature painter and this is from a self portrait she made of herself. There are a few books about her: Georgiana's Journal Melbourne 1841-1865 edited by Hugh McCrae - her Grandson. It has this picture on it's front cover.

There is also Georgiana by Brenda Niall which also has this same picture on the cover.

Image 2.1 "Mrs A M McCrae from a picture". Rear: "portrait of myself May 1824".[this is her married name from Andrew Murison McCrae] - photo by
Johnstone O’Shannessy & Co 3 Bourke St, East, Melbourne active 1865-1886

Image 2.2 Georgiana's son - Sandy McCrae "Mr McCrae "Rear: Alex[ander] Gordon McCrae born St Andrews Jan[?] 1836 - photo by Patterson Bros 8 & 37 Bourke St, East, Melbourne. I an not sure when these photographers were
active - does anyone know?

Alex Gordon McCrae (Sandy) 1836-1923 "Mr McCrae" Rear: "Alex? Gordon McCrae born St Andrews Jan[?] 1836"
Photo by: Patterson Bros 8 & 37 Bourke St, East, Melbourne
He was born 13 November 1836 in Edinburgh, Scotland
One of Georgiana’s sons.
He stayed with his father (Andrew) at Alberton, later on he worked at Omeo Station and at 17 joined the police force. He was on duty at Eureka at the end of 1854 at the goldminers revolt. He resigned three moinths later.
He worked in the outback with cattle and horses in Northern Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. he wrote many letters to his family (See page 228 in Niall for more detail.)
In 1864 he was made inspector of cattle at Port Denison at £300 per year. Worked at seven creeks near Euroa in Northern Victoria - He never married.

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