Friday, 26 September 2008

Fanny Moore nee McCrae

Fanny Moore nee McCrae
Octavia Frances Gordon McCrae born 20th June 1847 at Arthur's Seat in the suburb which is now known as McCrae! near Melbourne, Australia.
The McCrae's were one of the first settlers to set up a farm there.
Fanny was one of Georgiana McCrae nee Gordon's daughters.
She married George Walton Moore in 1867.
- CDV photo by: Johnstone O’Shannessy & Co 3 Bourke St, East, Melbourne
This is one of two photos on the same page which, I take, show the album owner's two daughters successfully married off. I think this is quite a stunning photograph with a great pose and a great subject.


MattH said...

Fanny's my great-grandmother. Her daughter, Cora Moore (Cora Francis Xavier Moore), my grandmother, married Hal Higgins and moved from Melbourne to Perth - her children were Huntly, my father (born 1917) and Esme about 7 years older. Huntly moved to Melbourne in the late 1940's and became a CSIRO Chief of Division in the field of Forest Products and researched pulp and paper. He was a geologist in New Guinea before World War II and was in New Guinea as a meteorologist during the war. Cora came back to Melbourne in the early 1950's and worked in a hospital until her late 70's - easy as her birth certificate was in some church which was demolished so nobody ever knew exactly how old she was.

George, Fanny's husband apparently travelled for business and died in Queensland of a heart attack /falling over a balcony just before Xmas when my grandmother was about 14 (around 1900). How did you get the photo-album? Do you want to part with it???

This may interest you:

Tim Edwards said...

Hi Matt

That is a great lot of information - I have made up a family tree to try and keep track of the people in the photos and have added what you have said to it.

I bought the album locally in NZ but I have not been able to obtain any histroy from the seller despite numerous requests from me.

If you want a copy of the tree or any photos email me direct at tim.edwards at